Saturday, July 7, 2018

Digital World & Marketing

The nation is developing and progressing day by day. All this could just not be possible without technology. So what are we waiting for? Should not we go with technology just as hand in hand. To globally compete with other countries and to be  developed we have to go with the technology. So I am here to acknowledge and aware you about an amazing boon of this technology that is Digital Marketing.

What is digital marketing?

To promote any type of business or products through Digital Channels   ( Computer, Laptop, Mobile, Tabs etc. ) is known as Digital Marketing. These Digital Channels are incomplete without Internet. Basically, It is the marketing of products, services or business using Digital Technologies and also including Mobile Phones, Display advertising and any other Digital Medium.

So Initially I am gonna start with:

Difference between Digital & Traditional Marketing


How Digital Marketing is Better than Traditional Marketing?

                     Traditional Marketing:-

In Traditional marketing, there is very little tansactions between the medium used and customer. Print or radio advertisements can be very expensive. Printing Materials can be expensive. In this kind of marketing, we need to hire people to distribute these and results on this marketing strategy cannot be easily measured. In this we can target only local audience but cannot target international ones. They cannot give the audience a choice. In this type of marketing,  they cannot provide customer to give Feedback and you cannot see in real time what is working or what is not working for your business online and you can't adopt very quickly to improve your results. A smaller retailer would struggle to match the fittings of its larger competitors. In short Traditional Marketing is very Costly.

        Digital Marketing:-               

In Digital Marketing, you can target a local audience as well as International ones. You can also tailor a campaign to specific audience  such as gender, location, age, and interests. In this kind of marketing, your audience can choose how they want to receive your content. For e.g. one person likes to read a Blog post and another person likes to watch a Youtube video. Interaction with your audience is possible with the use of social media networks. You can Encourage clients, and Followers to take action, visit your website, read about your products, rate them, buy them, and provide feedback. Digital Marketing is cost-efficient. In this type of marketing, Data and Results are easily Recorded. In this, there is one source that is Google Analytics, you can have a check on your campaigns at any time. In short Digital Marketing cost is cheaper than Traditional Marketing.

1) Online or Offline:- In Digital Marketing, all the work done is online and In   Traditional Marketing, all the work done is offline or door to door.

2) Time Consuming:- Digital Marketing is less time consuming and Traditional Marketing is more time consuming.

3) Reach:- Digital Marketing has global reach which is far better than               Traditional Marketing because it has local reach.

4) Costly or Cheaper:- Digital Marketing is Cheaper than Traditional              Marketing.

5) Easy or Tough:- Digital Marketing is Easy or Tricky than Traditional     Marketing because  it is very tough.

6) Gender Target:- In Digital Marketing, there is a possibility on targeting on   gender but In Traditional Marketing there is no possibility.

This was just a beginning, So I had chosen to introduce about Digital Marketing and How it is better in all ways.

I hope that I have given the best to share and aware the readers about Digital Marketing. And I will make sure that I will keep posting some more views to acknowledge the viewers. I request all the readers to read, like , share and stay in touch for the upcoming work. 

"So Do Smart Work rather than Hard Work."


Digital World & Marketing

The nation is developing and progressing day by day. All this could just not be possible without technology. So what are we waiting for? S...